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MAGNET FOR REALISATION You have a clear wish. A condition actually: your new interior, or the renovation of your building, must make the identity of your organization visible in a qualitative and impactful way. But on time and according to the schedule, and within budget. Hassle free. We make sure that it happens. 

Wilfred Hartsink
Jeroen Zonneveld
Jeroen Janssen

We have an eye for everyone who plays a role in the process; from landlord to tenant, from architect to subcontractor. We give everyone the opportunity to contribute in the best way possible to bring the plans to realization. So that the end result exceeds expectations.

Each project is unique. No wonder, because every project starts with a specific. Bringing together the various stakeholders – owner, client, architect, project manager and subcontractor – is one thing. Keeping all parties together is another. We understand how the different parties think and take everyone's interests into account in decision making, whereby the interests of our client always come first. We think in advance about solutions and possible alternative scenarios, we keep the lines of communication short. We are open and transparent.

How BRIES. works

We work in close collaboration with architects, interior architects and project management agencies; we speak everyone's language. We understand the way they work and listen to their requirements. 

Because we take over the realization risk and are ultimately responsible for the execution, the client can comfortably sit back and watch; no stress, no fuss, no complicated conversations.

 We streamline the work based on our knowledge and experience with high-end office projects in which high demands are placed on both the quality of the designs and the way in which they are brought to life. Thinking ahead in structuring costs and planning is a matter of course.

We always choose the sustainable solution; realizing projects without maximum attention to sustainability in design, choice of materials, construction method, et cetera is simply not an option.

Office interiors 

from SMEs to multinationals, from 200 to 20,000 m2


hotels, restaurants, grand cafés, event venues, societies and other places for hospitality

Building renovations 

from a small-scale refurbishment to complete renovation, including the technical installations


With BRIES we want to exceed your expectations. The conviction that we can do that stems from the way we bundle our knowledge, skills, expertise and experience; it makes us a very strong partner for those involved in the process and certainly for the client. Jeroen Janssen has more than 25 years of experience as a project manager, Wilfred was a building contractor in South Africa for more than 17 years and Jeroen Zonneveld has more than 22 years of experience in the development process of interior projects. Together we have realized more than 200,000 m² of office interiors, catering locations and renovations. For local heroes from 400 m² to international companies of more than 15,000 m². At interior developer DZAP we met; Jeroen Zonneveld joined in 1998 and was one of the three owners when the company was sold in 2018. Jeroen Janssen started there in 2017 as an experienced project manager and Wilfred joined as Senior Project Manager after returning from South Africa in 2019. We followed our hearts the moment we knew for sure that the time was ripe for a breath of fresh air in our industry. That it was time for BRIES.


With every project we realize, we contribute to the way the future takes shape when it comes to working and living. In the choices we make, we are as ambitious as we are realistic. We owe it to the world to make the best choices in materials and techniques, in the ways of transport and building. In order to spare the environment, the climate and people. And to create a healthy living environment for everyone.

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We like to make a construction project easy. At least for you. We take over the realization risk and are ultimately responsible for the implementation, but at the same time we keep you involved in the way your plans take shape. Stress-free, hassle-free and without complicated conversations.